Specialized Service & Independence:

In 1982, Carey Stansbury founded Informative Financial Services with a goal of becoming truly independent, thus eliminating the pressures of a parent company and their proprietary products.

As an independent wealth management firm with extensive resources, Informative Financial Services has the freedom to provide you with a wide variety of investment choices to best fit your specific needs.  We have the means to help you achieve your financial dreams through comprehensive wealth management, tax reduction strategies and established investment planning.

At Informative Financial Services we want to help you achieve your goals today and in the future through an educational approach and management of your resources.

People rely on doctors, mechanics, lawyers, etc. because they need expertise, and yet with their personal financial affairs, a lot of people take a "do-it-yourself" approach or may be relying on someone they don't fully trust to take care of their finances.  We want to help you by providing you with easily understood recommendations and specific instructions in implementing your unique financial plan. Contact our team today to take control of your financial future.

Our trusted Broker/Dealer: Osaic Wealth, Inc.

The Broker/Dealer that supports us is Osaic Wealth, Inc., which is backed by our clearing firm, Pershing LLC (Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC). Pershing is a leading global provider of clearing and financial services outsourcing solutions to more than 1,100 institutional and retail financial  organizations and investment advisors. Pershing is a member of BNY Securities Group and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York. Your accounts are protected and maintained by Pershing in the U.S. and follow the underlying terms of SIPC protection.  To learn more about Osaic Wealth visit www.osaic.com



Are you prepared to address life's most significant financial issues?


We are prepared to help you.

Individual: Protect yourself.

Are your finances organized so that they maximize tax reductions, investment opportunities and provide adequate diversification* and risk reduction? Do you have adequate retirement income sources that cannot be outlived? Do you possess a Comprehensive Financial Plan? We can help you answer these questions, and prepare for a successful financial future.

We consider everything from Insurance to retirement, and are committed to creating a customized plan designed to take care of your short term goals and prepare for long term financial success.

*Diversification does not guarantee against market losses. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

Family: Protect your family.

Is your family assured of meeting long-term care needs and protection of family assets? Have you considered how you are going to pass on to your children and heirs the appropriate values, habits and understanding of investing?

At IFS we understand your family's situation. We want to get to know your family dynamics, so we can uncover the big picture of where you need to be financially, and help reconcile any gaps. We want to help you maintain your standard of living and anticipate and meet your future needs. Taking every aspect of your financial life into account, we help you construct an evolving financial strategy that will protect you and your loved ones for years to come.

Whether it's planning a secure retirement, figuring out how to send the kids to college, you can rely on the Informative Financial Team to help you reach your goals & dreams.  

Small Businesses: Protect your business.

Just like how a house needs a strong foundation to withstand the elements, you need to have a solid financial foundation for your business. Owning your own business is a dream come true, but managing it takes hard work. Whether you're just starting up or have an established company, the Informative Financial team can help you protect the investment you've made in your business. We want to help you develop a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses all aspects of your business life cycle, including synchronizing personal and professional financial goals.

We specialize in:

Tax reduction strategies

  • Retirement plans and employee benefits
  • Business valuation & succession planning
  • Business insurance & protection
  • Comprehensive Business solutions

Osaic Wealth, Inc. does not offer tax advice

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